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Helpful Hint for checking your A/C system!
Make sure your air filter is cleaned or changed once a month. Have you A/C system cleaned and serviced twice a year by a license HVAC Contractor.
 If your A/C system is not working check the following items to minimize a service call.
1. Check to see if breakers are tripped if so turn them off and back on again to reset them.
2. Make sure your filters a clean.
3. Make sure your thermostat is set to cool, auto and set cool enough to come on.
4. Inside and out side units are running.
5. If you have a float switch on your air handler drain line make sure in doesn't have water in it.
6. Vacuum your drain line outside out to remove sludge.
7. If all has been check then call us 863 675-2878 24/7.
When choosing a A/C company here is a couple things to consider from a repair to A/C replacement!

1. Local company! most A/C companies from out of town will not run after hour calls or weekend its not to "THEIR benefit"

2. Any LICENSE air conditioning company can warranty replacement parts, with a manufacturer. A HANDYMAN can't that's why a HANDYMAN charges for all parts cause they can't process a warranty claim.

3. When considering changing your A/C system out one thing we recommend is that the company you choose to go with make a trial after hours call to their office to see if you get a responds and consider this warning of future service you will receive after the sale!

4. Higher efficiency "SEER RATING" 16, 17,ect. is not always the best answer for your replacement a/c due to power surges and brown out and lighting storms due to the higher the efficiency typically has more boards and bells and whistles that go bad and yes most parts warranties cover these part for 10 years from install date but not service calls and labor to change them.  So you pay more up front for the equipment and more as you go for repairs to save $8-$10 a month on electricity?  One service call in a year and your in the hole!

5. The A/C company that every time they show up the technicians is trying to sell you something you don't really need! a lot of companies pay "Spiffs" to their technicians for up sales to make up for charging low service call rate to get them there!

6. A low $39 cleaning as a "promotional" thing is designed to get a salesman/technician into you home to sale you thing that will more and likely not help your A/C. We at Phillips A/C DON'T condone this type of service.